3 Facts About Professional Teeth Whitening That You Should Know

You hear a lot about teeth whitening today. While there are over the counter products that you could try, opting for professional teeth whitening in Elk Grove Village is a good idea. Here are three things you should know about undergoing whitening treatments under the care of your dentist.

Whitening is More Affordable Than Most People Think

Some people avoid whitening treatments because they assume those treatments are expensive. In fact, they are more affordable than many people realize. Even if you don’t have some type of dental savings plan to help offset the cost, paying for the treatments out of pocket will be a lot easier than you think.

Whitening Won’t Damage Veneers or Caps

The methods used for teeth whitening in an Elk Grove Village dental office only remove stains. They do not damage the teeth or any type of dental work that’s been done. For example, the treatments will have no effect on your caps or veneers. The only thing that will change is that your teeth will look whiter. If your veneers tended to stick out because they were whiter than the rest of your teeth, they will now blend in a lot better.

Many People Notice a Slight Difference After One Treatment

You can use over the counter products, but be prepared for it to take some time for any results to show. By contrast, choosing professional teeth whitening in Elk Grove Village will mean seeing results a lot faster. There are people who can tell a difference after a single treatment. While there will still be the need to come back for a few more, walking out of the office with the teeth looking better after one session is a major perk.

Would teeth whitening make a difference for you? Contact Brian Homann, DDS today and arrange for a dental exam. Call or visit website and schedule your appointment. After taking a look at your teeth, it will be easier to determine if whitening is the right solution for you.