4 Signs to See an Emergency Dentist in Long Beach, CA

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Dental

When an accident or injury happens, getting urgent dental care is crucial. Receiving immediate attention can prevent infections, severe dental damage, and other complications. Here are four signs you should visit an emergency dentist in Long Beach, CA.

Bleeding Gums

It’s not uncommon for gums to bleed a little after flossing. However, if the bleeding is persistent and extreme, or accompanied by swelling, it’s crucial to see a dentist immediately. You may need treatment for severe gum disease.

Swollen Jaw or Mouth

A jaw could swell due to infection or swollen lymph nodes. Unexplained swelling could also be a sign of gum disease. Schedule an emergency dentistry appointment if you’re unsure why the jaw or mouth is swollen.

Damaged Tooth

Whether the result of an accident or injury, a broken tooth can result in extreme pain. It can also limit your oral function, such as eating. You must seek urgent dental care whenever a tooth is knocked out. Otherwise, you could experience tooth loss, complications, and infections.

You’re Experiencing Headaches

Persistent and severe headaches could indicate a tooth infection or gum disease. If the aching worsens or doesn’t subside, it’s time to see an emergency dentist in Long Beach, CA. You may have an abscessed tooth or other significant problem.

If you’re experiencing severe pain or any abnormality with your teeth or jaws, seeking urgent dental care is vital. Prompt care can prevent complications and ensure good oral health.

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