Advantages of Invisalign in West Loop

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Dental

Invisalign in West Loop aligners are virtually transparent. Users probably do not even notice they are wearing these almost invisible “braces.” In fact, Invisalign integrates seamlessly with each person’s lifestyle without affecting their daily interactions with others.

Invisible trays

Tooth malpositioning can be corrected with Invisalign through a series of individually designed and very comfortable splints. These so-called “aligners” are almost invisible when they are being worn. Invisalign can be used to treat the majority of malocclusions in adults and adolescents.

Regardless of whether your smile should be slightly improved or require more extensive adjustments, Invisalign in West Loop can help. It has had fantastic successes in the treatment of crowding and gaps. However, it can also provide relief for more complex problems such as overbite, deep bite, and even crossbite. Based on expert involvement, dentists can treat most deformities with Invisalign.

How invisible is Invisalign?

Can others notice the aligners being worn? Ask any former or present user and they will say the trays are almost invisible to others.

Patients wear the Invisalign splints over the entire duration of treatment, day, and night. They can be removed to eat and brush only. If there is a special event you would like to attend, take them off! Just make sure to put them back on as soon as possible.

Every two weeks – a new aligner

Tooth movement takes place step by step. That’s why users get new aligners every two weeks. However, this does not mean that the patient has to be seen by their dentist every two weeks. In fact, dentists provide aligners for about eight to twelve weeks at a time.

Then, they check to see if the tooth movement is going as planned. This also gives the dental clinic time to perform certain techniques to make sure the patient reaches their target.

Enjoying life to the fullest

Unlike solid metal braces, users can also eat and drink during treatment. They can play any sport, play musical instruments, and so on. The trick? Just take out the aligners. For more details, contact Pure Dental Spa.

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