Benefits of Dental Cleaning Edmonton

Everyday brushing and flossing are usually not enough to keep your teeth sparkling clean, white, and to keep plaque at bay.

Professional dental cleanings are usually performed by a registered dental hygienist in the dental office. There are many benefits to bi-annual dental cleanings.

Remove Stains

Brushing and flossing cannot remove all stains. A dental hygienist can remove most of the stains that can dull and discolor your teeth.

Prevent Gum Disease

Regular cleanings and dental exams can help to prevent gum disease and cavities. Gum disease that is not treated can lead to tooth decay. Gum disease starts with plaque build-up. When the plaque is not cleaned off the teeth, it can destroy the enamel causing cavities. As plaque moves down the tooth, it can destroy the bone which supports the teeth causing lose teeth. Regular dental cleanings can reduce the chances of gum disease and is an important part of your overall oral care.

Early Detection

Regular dental cleanings make it possible to detect early signs of issues with your teeth and gums. A dentist will be able to spot the early signs of gum inflammation, tooth decay, cracked teeth, and broken fillings. Early detection can prevent further issues down the road.

Fresher Breath

Regular dental cleanings will ensure your mouth remains healthy and odor free. Good oral hygiene can help stop bad breath. Brushing and flossing every day is a good start and adding regular dental cleaning Edmonton is a great way to keep your mouth healthy.

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