Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ With a Clinic Providing Orthodontic Treatment

Many people like to find a Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ with a practice providing general dentistry service and orthodontic treatment as well. Conventional orthodontic braces and newer types of straightening devices can be acquired at this type of practice. Adults who want to have their teeth straightened commonly choose clear removable aligners, and those are sometimes suitable for teenagers as well.

Dentists usually recommend that children have the conventional braces for various reasons. One reason is that the youngsters tend to not be responsible or dedicated enough to keep the removable aligners in nearly all the time, which is important for successful straightening. Conventional braces are available in metal and ceramic brackets, and the ceramic ones can be ordered in a range of colors.

A Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ applies braces and aligners to correct a variety of problems. They straighten teeth that are crooked and bring teeth together when there are gaps between them. Teeth that are too crowded also can be corrected with these devices, which is especially important because crowded teeth are difficult to clean thoroughly. The person’s smile is improved through the process of alignment, and often, the bite is also improved. That can enhance the entire facial appearance. An improper bite is medically known as malocclusion. An underbite and an overbite are common types of malocclusion.

There is no standard age for a child to have orthodontic treatment. Dentists at a clinic such as Atlantic Dental make recommendations depending on each individual patient. Some youngsters have braces applied by age 7, but others should wait until they are closer to the teen years. Two years is an average time frame for orthodontic treatment, but more minor corrections may be achieved within six months.

In regard to adult teeth alignment, adult patients typically request this on their own. They may never have had braces as a child, or they may have had orthodontic treatment but realize their teeth have shifted to a certain degree. In the future, this shifting can be prevented by wearing a retainer a certain amount of time each week. Adults are very pleased when they see the cosmetic enhancement to their smile after wearing clear aligners.