Complete Your Smile With a Tooth Implant in Vancouver WA

Missing teeth lead to many problems that are not just cosmetic in nature. When a tooth is missing, bone loss begins to occur in the jawbone and can lead to problems. Missing teeth can also cause issues with speech and proper chewing. Instead of relying on a bridge to replace a missing tooth, individuals now have the option of choosing a Tooth Implant in Vancouver WA. With a tooth implant, individuals will find they are able to smile with confidence.

How Are Implants Put in Place?

Implants are put in place with a surgical procedure. Before the surgery takes place, the dentist will carefully check for the proper bone density, especially if a tooth has been missing for a long period of time. Patients without the right bone density will likely need a bone graft to ensure their implant can be put in place.

The surgery involves the dentist placing the implant down into the jawbone. This procedure is a fairly straightforward one and the patient will not feel any pain during the surgery. The recovery period involves allowing the titanium implant to begin to bond with the bone tissue. Once full bonding has occurred, the implant will be able to act just like a normal tooth root would.

There are three parts to every dental implant. The first part is the titanium rod that is placed down in the jawbone. The second part is called the abutment and it joins the implant rod with the prosthetic tooth. The third part is the only part that will show above the gumline and it is made to look and feel just like a natural tooth would.

How to Get Started

To get started on the process, an individual will first need to schedule a consultation for getting a Tooth Implant in Vancouver WA. At this consultation, the individual will be fully examined to learn if they are a good candidate for implants.

To schedule your consultation appointment, contact Lewis Family Dentistry right away. With tooth implants, individuals can rest assured their smile will be made fully complete so they will regain their confidence. You can also connect them on Facebook.