FAQs About A Root Canal Answered By A Dentist In Attleboro, MA

In Massachusetts, dental professionals provide corrective services to eliminate damage and pain. The most common source of pain and discomfort for patients is nerve damage. To address these conditions, dental professionals perform root canals. The following are FAQs about a root canal answered by a dentist in Attleboro MA.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is the removal of the tooth pulp. The procedure is recommended after several restorations have failed. A Trauma or physical injury that affected the tooth leads to the procedure to provide fuller protection. The procedure is also necessary if frequent infections resulted from the damaged pulp.

What Conditions Require a Root Canal to Correct Them?

The most common conditions that lead a root canal are deep cavities, cracked or broken teeth, injury, and extensive attempts to save the tooth.

What Symptoms Imply the Need for a Root Canal?

Common symptoms, that imply the need for a root canal begin with pressure or pain when the patient eats. They experience prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages. The tooth begins to darken or become excessively discolored. The patient experiences tenderness and swelling of the surrounding gums. They may also develop an abscess near the tooth.

What are Pulpotomy and Apicoectomy?

A pulpotomy is the professional term used for removing damaged nerve tissue. It is the last treatment available for a painful nerve that continues to produce symptoms. It is a partial root canal procedure that is offered in an emergency situation.

An apicoectomy is performed after a full or partial root canal fails. It involves the complete removal of the tip of the root. After the removal, the dentist fills the root and creates a new tip.

In Massachusetts, dental patients need a root canal procedure when a damaged tooth produces extreme pain. This symptom implies the failure of a previous repair. It also places the patient at a greater risk of developing an infection. The dental professional determines if the patient needs a partial or full root canal. Patients who need to schedule the procedure contact a Dentist in Attleboro MA or Visit Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates today.