How to Decide If Invisalign in Philadelphia Is Right for You

Most people would love to straighten their teeth and correct their bite issues in a discreet and efficient manner. Traditional metal braces may not be the most attractive or convenient option. Invisalign offers an alternative to conventional braces, but is it the right option for you? With this guide, learn when you should consider Invisalign in Philadelphia.

You Want to Achieve a Straighter Smile

Invisalign was designed to align teeth and correct bite issues. If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your crooked teeth, gaps between them, or have overcrowded teeth, Invisalign is a great solution for you. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners that look almost invisible from a distance, making it the perfect solution to enhance your smile without sacrificing your image.

You Are Busy and on the Go

Invisalign aligners from Celebrity Smiles are low maintenance and allow you to go about your life as usual. You’re free to remove your aligners for up to two hours a day, which makes brushing and flossing much easier than with traditional braces. There are no food restrictions, no wires, and no brackets which makes it perfect for those with busy lifestyles, who cannot frequently visit an orthodontist for adjustments.

You Require Fewer Office Visits

Traditional braces require more frequent adjustments, which leads to more trips to the orthodontist that can be burdensome for patients who have schedules that are already swamped. Invisalign patients need fewer appointments with the orthodontist as their treatment progresses. On the plus side, the treatment duration for Invisalign usually takes twelve to eighteen months, making it a faster and less strenuous treatment option.

You Value Discretion

Metal braces are more obvious when compared to Invisalign in Philadelphia. The traditional option can cause people to hide their smiles, which can affect their self-confidence. Invisalign helps to improve self-confidence by being less intrusive, and these aligners can be given up as soon as the treatment is complete. For those who value discretion, Invisalign is an excellent option as it can help straighten your teeth without drawing attention to the treatment.