Implants and Cosmetic Dental Care in Honolulu

Although, in addition to titanium implants, other biomaterial implants exist, such as zirconium implants, most Cosmetic Dental Care in Honolulu experts use scientifically documented pure titanium product systems from reputable manufacturers. In order to keep track of the costs, dentist post prices to help each patient determine whether or not this procedure is right for them.

At most dental clinics, implants are divided into categories. Furthermore, the so-called mini implants are offered, which offer the ideal solution for the corresponding attachment of the prosthesis even in elderly patients with a poor bone supply. During the patient’s healing time, the implant surface fuses with the bone tissue, creating such a strong connection that cannot be matched by the person’s own teeth. Having a reputable dentist perform the procedure is a must.

How is a dental implant constructed?

A dental implant is a complex piece of craftsmanship that consists of several perfectly matched parts.

• The implant body is the part inserted into the jawbone, the more or less the actual implant, which takes on the task of an artificial tooth root

• The post connector sits between the implant body and the implant

• An artificial dental crown, which is the visible artificial tooth, matches down to the form and color of the patient’s other teeth

• A fixation bolt is installed for attaching the artificial dental crown to the post

This modular design allows the combination of different items, each optimally tailored to the needs of the patient. Thus, a personalized dental implant can be composed of standard elements.

What do dental implants cost?

The prices of dental implants can vary widely from country to country and even from clinic to clinic. However, the general trend shows that prices vary so much inside the U.S. that most people can save thousands just by having the procedure done in another state. The costs of a dental implant procedure are influenced by numerous factors.

The factors consist of the brand product of the implant manufacturer, special characteristics of the product (special or conventional, for example), operating costs, and any additional costs (possibly bone restructuring).

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