Obtain A Perfect Smile With The Help Of An Orthodontist in Wichita KS

Are you an adult that would like to improve your smile? Do you have a child that is in need of acquiring straight teeth? An Orthodontist Wichita KS can aid in answering both of these questions with yes. Orthodontics today is not all about silver wires, unsightly brackets and an irritated mouth because of braces. Orthodontists offer a variety of treatments including Invisalign to straighten teeth in a very discreet plan of treatment. A new smile with straight teeth is only a visit away from becoming a reality. Whether an individual is interested in perfectly straight teeth or a pearly white smile, an orthodontist can help.

If an individual has always wanted a perfect smile but may be missing teeth an Orthodontist Wichita KS can replace those missing teeth with beautiful implants. The implants look exactly like the natural teeth that already exist. The color, size and shape can be matched to look exactly like a patient’s natural teeth. If an individual’s teeth need straightened as well as replacement of missing teeth, a full set of straight teeth can be achieved. Implants are a wonderful opportunity for someone who is missing one tooth or several teeth. They are permanently placed in the mouth and can help with chewing, speaking and prohibiting other teeth from shifting within the jawline.

Teeth that discolored or chipped can benefit from veneers being placed over the teeth. Veneers can reconfigure the shape and color of tooth with minimal dental work needing performed for a long length of time. An Orthodontist is gentle and offers caring and compassionate services to their patients. They understand that a smile is the first thing that can greet everyone a patient meets. In some cases a bridge may be better suited to a patient’s needs. A bridge is a dental appliance that can fill the space in with teeth where one or several teeth are missing along the gums.

If a patient is interested in straight teeth, replacing missing teeth or whitening their teeth to a Hollywood smile, an Orthodontist can offer treatment. There’s never a need to feel embarrassed to smile again once treatment is complete.