Protect Extensive Dental Procedures With a Dental Crown in Kalamazoo MI

by | Jan 19, 2016 | Dental

One of the worst problems with caries (cavities) is the loss of strength that the tooth endures. Even a small filling can cause this problem since the dentist must remove any damaged dentin to avoid the spread of rot. Sadly, this leaves the shell of the tooth with weakened sides that require exceptional support. This is necessary because the teeth undergo a lot of stress and strain when biting and chewing. The solution is amazingly simple. Cover the tooth with a cap or Dental Crown Kalamazoo MI. The crown is basically a very sturdy cap that extends down the sides of the tooth for complete protection.

The type of material that crowns are made from will depend on its actual function. For instance, placing a temporary crown to protect unfinished procedures like root canals usually requires the strength of porcelain over steel. This temporary solution is often used while the patient waits for the permanent crown to be completed.

Another important reason to consider a dental crown in Kalamazoo MI is to cover an implant. That is, the stud used to anchor and stabilize the crown. In this case, the crown will be a full tooth covering created to fill in the space and fit snugly over the recently placed false root. The perfect material for this function is porcelain since this product is very strong and extremely durable. Most problems with crowns occur because the adhesive comes lose or the teeth develop further damage. Implants may be the preferred repair when multiple teeth are damaged.

Crowns can also use other materials and may even be decorative in function. The latter option tends to use semi-precious metals like gold or silver. This is also possible when the crown is used for protecting a repaired tooth, but the cover may not be as effective as porcelain. One place where the crown is used less often is the front teeth. A dentist may place an individual crown, but if more work is required to save the teeth, then another option is usually necessary. The preferred choice is to install a veneer once the teeth are repaired. Discuss these concerns and others with an expert like Company Name.

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