The Dentist in Kona Offers Six Month Smile Alignment

Having a beautiful smile is important to most people. Unfortunately, tooth alignment issues can cause a person’s smile to looks less attractive. In the past, patients were subjected to a long process of wearing braces so their teeth could become properly aligned. Today, there is a new option for a treatment called the Six Month Smile. This treatment allows some patients to overcome their alignment issues in as few as six months. The Dentist in Kona will first need to examine a patient to see if they are a good candidate.

What Is Involved in This Treatment?

Those who are considering undergoing the six-month smile treatment need to be aware of the process so they can be sure this is something they want to pursue. It is important to note, not all patients will qualify for this unique treatment. Those with severe alignment issues will likely need further intervention than the six-month treatment can offer. It is important a patient schedules a consultation appointment with the Dentist in Kona to ensure they are a good candidate.

This approach to orthodontic treatment takes the advancements in dental science and helps them work for the patient to align the teeth in a much shorter time period than traditional braces offer. The first step is for the dentist to create impressions of the patient’s mouth. These are used to make state of the art braces that will specifically address the patient’s unique alignment issues.

Once the specially made braces and wires are created for the patient, the dentist applies them to the teeth. The patient will be seen by the dentist on a regular basis to ensure the teeth are responding as they should. Adjustments will be made throughout the treatment period to continue moving the teeth into their desired positions.

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Those who would like to learn more about the Six Month Smile are urged to browse the website for further information. Call the dental office of Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. to schedule a consultation appointment. With a consultation appointment, individuals can learn if they are a good candidate for this unique treatment option.