The Reasons Behind Invisalign Cost in Chicago, and Can Insurance Cover It?

The Invisalign cost Chicago residents pay is $3,500 to $5,400. You may wonder if you can afford Invisalign after hearing that price range. It would be better if you had health insurance because it could cover some of the cost. Alternatives are paying out of pocket and using the dental facility’s financing plan.

Does Health Insurance Cover Invisalign Treatment?

Not all health insurance plans cover Invisalign cost in Chicago as part of their dental coverage. If they do, they place Invisalign in the same dental category as braces. If they do not, they will list it as a cosmetic procedure, and you must pay out of pocket.

How much eligible plans cover depends on your deductible. Insurance providers will pay more if the deductible is low and less if the deductible is high. An estimate of what eligible insurance providers will pay is between 25% and 50% of your bill.

What is certain is that insurance will not cover the total cost. You must pay for something out of pocket. Work with your health insurance provider to determine who pays what according to your policy.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

Invisalign is expensive for a reason. Several factors are behind the costly price tag.

• Extensive versus simplistic oral health issues

• The treatment duration

• The number of frequent or infrequent trips to the dentist

• The number of teeth that need straightening

• The dentistal experience

• Aligner trays and other materials

The Invisalign cost in Chicago is expensive, but it is less stressful with insurance and payment plans. Sadly, not everyone is eligible for Invisalign treatment, but your dentist has the final say. So, trust a dental office with friendly staff, a serene atmosphere, and qualified dentists. Contact Art Of Modern Dentistry at for more information.