Top Reasons To Schedule Teeth Cleaning in Indianapolis IN

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Teeth Whitening

Many people would not put going to the dentist at the top of their “fun things to do in life” list. The importance of going to the dentist, however, cannot be understated. Keeping the teeth clean has so many benefits, not only to someone’s health but also in other avenues of their life. Here are some of the top reasons to schedule teeth cleaning in Indianapolis IN.

Cavity Prevention

The white gunk that collects on the teeth after not brushing for a day or two is called plaque. It is plaque which is the leading cause of cavities. Preventing the plaque from building up is as easy as brushing the teeth on a regular basis and engaging in regular teeth cleanings at the dentist. If these good habits are not followed, then cavities will occur which can, in turn, lead to many other problems.

Preventing Tooth Loss

After cavities have taken hold, the next step on the poor dental habit journey is gum disease. If the person still refuses to go to the dentist for teeth cleaning in Indianapolis IN, the plaque will continue to build and start to eat away at the gumline. The gum erodes, the plaque follows and it can eventually destroy the jaw bone. The teeth will fall out and the resulting damage can be irreversible.

Remove Stains

On the aesthetic side of things, day to day activities can result in stained teeth. Such things as drinking coffee, drinking wine, smoking, and eating certain foods can leave the teeth stained and discolored. While a quality and regularly scheduled dental cleaning can easily clean away most habit-born stains, there are certain stains which they cannot remove, such as those caused by medications.

As can be seen, there are very solid reasons why someone would want to and need to visit the dentist on a regular basis. If someone has just moved to the area, is a first-time visitor to any dental clinic, or is simply looking for a new dentist to replace their old one, they should contact us to schedule an appointment. Their mouth and smile will thank them for it.

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