Two Long-Term Benefits Of Dental Implants In Short Hills NJ

Many individuals who have tooth loss often wish they had a permanent solution for their missing teeth. Dental implants are the answer, and those who already have implants are more than satisfied with the results. Read the information below to learn the long-term benefits of Dental Implants in Short Hills NJ.

Permanent Solution For Tooth Loss

When individuals choose dental implants for their missing teeth, they never have to worry about having these teeth replaced again in their lifetime. When performing an implant procedure, an oral surgeon drills down into a person’s jawbone and then places the implant into the open space. After a few months, the bone attaches to the implant and holds it securely in place.

The implants will never need to be replaced, and individuals can eat any kind of foods they choose. Individuals should also brush and floss between their implants to keep them clean and free from discoloration due to staining foods.

It’s recommended that individuals who have implants should still visit a dentist at least once a year. These visits are important, so the dentist can examine the gums to make sure they’re still healthy.

Better Quality Of Life

Dental implants look exactly like a person’s natural teeth so individuals don’t feel self-conscious about their appearance. Many individuals who wear dentures have various problems, such as speaking clearly and keeping their dentures in their mouth while coughing. Individuals who have implants don’t have problems with their speech, and they don’t have to worry about losing their dentures when coughing or sneezing.

Another drawback of dentures is that individuals have to take them out of their mouth and soak them overnight, so they don’t dry out. Individuals who have implants don’t have to waste their time on this task every night before they go to bed. Individuals who like convenience will be extremely pleased after they have this procedure completed by an oral surgeon who specializes in dental Implants in Short Hills NJ.

Individuals in Short Hills who wish to replace their missing teeth with permanent dental implants can contact Westfield Oral Surgery for a consultation. This facility specializes in oral surgery, TMJ disorders, and treatments for snoring.