Understand the Importance of Teeth Cleaning Services in New Haven CT

No one wants to face having a cavity or gum disease. Unfortunately, these are two of the most common ailments that can affect a person’s smile. Thankfully, people can avoid these smile issues with proper tooth and gum care. This means brushing and flossing on a daily basis and eating a healthy diet. It also means seeing the dentist for Teeth Cleaning Services in New Haven CT. With proper care, a person can keep a beautiful smile for life.

Most people need to see the dentist for cleanings at least twice a year. Some dentists are now seeing their patients more often, as much as four times a year for cleanings and screenings. At these appointments, the teeth and gums are deeply cleaned to remove plaque and tartar which can lead to cavities and gum disease. With Teeth Cleaning Services in New Haven CT, people can avoid problems that will cause health concerns and make their smile look less attractive.

When a patient comes in for teeth cleaning services, special tools are used to remove all of the plaque and tartar. Tartar can become very hard and is often difficult to remove at home. Special tools must be used so the tartar can be safely scraped away without causing damage to the protective enamel. After the teeth have been cleaned, they are carefully brushed to remove all substances so the dentist will be able to see the teeth fully so signs of decay and damage can be discovered.

A patient also has their teeth flossed to remove food, plaque and tartar from between the teeth. These areas of the teeth are most vulnerable to cavities, so flossing is a crucial part of tooth and gum care. Finally, the teeth will also be treated with a strong Fluoride treatment to improve their strength.

If you are in need of teeth cleaning services and a checkup, visit . Here, you can learn about the many dental services they offer their patients. Call the office right away and ask them to schedule you with a preventative care appointment. They can help you protect the health and beauty of your smile.

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