Vital Services Provided By A Dentist In Columbus, WI

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Dental Care

In Wisconsin, dental professionals provide a full array of services to stabilize oral health. These practices reduce the onset of gum disease and prevent tooth loss. They include general dentistry practices that involved restoration and preventative care. A local Dentist In Columbus WI provides these services for regional patients right now.

Annual Examination and Cleaning Options

An annual examination presents the dentist with a clear picture of the patient’s oral health. They review the teeth and gums to identify potential hazards that lead to problems. This includes plaque buildup, cavities, and signs of gingivitis. Once the exam is completed, the dentist provides the patient with a treatment strategy to improve their teeth and gums.

Semi-annual cleanings are also available through general dentists. A dental hygienist performs these services. They use specialized tools to eliminate any buildup found on the teeth and gums. They also perform scaling and planing for at risk dental patients. To know more about dental services, Click here.

Restorations for Damage

The dentist provides restorative services based on the type of damage that has occurred. Cavities are addressed through fillings or dental bonding procedures. The dentist must evaluate the damage to determine what treatments are most effective. They must utilize more extensive measures such as the installation of crowns when the tooth is damaged more severely.

Simple Extractions for Damaged Teeth

General dentists perform simple extractions for damaged teeth. They apply a numbing agent to prevent pain or discomfort. They use drills and pliers to remove the tooth from the jawbone. Select dentists may provide wisdom teeth extractions if they are qualified to perform oral surgery.

Alignment Correction for Teens and Adults

General dentists may also provide braces for adults and teens with an alignment issue. They provide information about the most suitable type of braces. Metal and ceramic braces are used for more severe alignment problems. Invisalign is available for mild to moderate issues.

In Wisconsin, dental professionals provide services to address a multitude of conditions. This includes damage, gum irritation, and potential signs of periodontal disease. They also address alignment problems as well.

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