What to Do If Your Little One Can’t Sit Still to Have a Cavity Filled

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Dental

Children, by nature, are wiggly creatures. It is hard enough to get them to sit still in a dentist’s chair to have their teeth cleaned. Add to it the process of filling one or more cavities and it will take a miracle to get them to sit still. If your child is already wiggly, and he/she has a developmental or neurological disorder on top of it, there’s almost no way dental restoration can be done. There is, however, an exception to every rule, and pediatric sedation dentistry in Yorba Linda has the answer.

Safe Sedation for Kids

Wiggling children and scared children both find peace and calm with the light (or “twilight”) sedation this clinic uses. Kids don’t need to be fully sedated and spend hours waking up from procedures. They can be sedated to the point where they are completely calm and cooperative. Some children do fall asleep, even with this light sedation, but it affects each child a little differently. At any rate, it is perfectly safe and your child is monitored throughout the entire process.

Different Types of Sedation Used Make It the Right Choice for Any Age

There are different types of sedation based on the age of your child. Gas, pills, and IV sedation are available, but each is only used under specific situations with the age, challenges, abilities, and temperament of your child. Your dentist is an expert in pediatric sedation dentistry in Yorba Linda and will provide the best option to calm your child for the recommended dental procedure. If you need these services, contact Kids Dental Specialists via https://kidsdentalspecialists.com/.

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