What to Expect From Root Canal Dentistry in Peachtree City, GA

When you have root canal dentistry in Peachtree City, GA, they will preserve your natural tooth. This is a good option because if you lose the tooth, the options for replacing it are expensive. The key is to find a dental practice that does a great job in a positive environment. You need root canal treatments when the root of your tooth becomes infected.

What Is a Root Canal?

In your tooth, the center has a natural cavity. This is called the root canal. Inside there is soft tissue, or pulp, as well as the nerve of the tooth. If your tooth is damaged, bacteria or debris can get into the root canal, which can lead to an infection or an abscess. An abscess is serious and it can be incredibly painful. You get an abscess when the infection spreads and the root fills with pus. It is important to treat this condition so that the infection doesn’t go to other teeth or other parts of your body. You can have a root canal to solve this problem.

How It Works

When you go for root canal dentistry in Peachtree City, GA, they will begin with an x-ray. This allows them to find any damage or infection. Some people choose to have sedation to make the experience less painful and stressful. Then, your dentist will make a hole to access the root canal. They will remove any infected tissue and the damaged nerve. Once this is done, they clean it and polish it. They complete the procedure by temporarily sealing the tooth. They will fill the root canal and place a filling over the access hole. Then, you will have a dental crown to add strength to the tooth so that you can use it. When you go to the best root canal specialist, they will make this entire process as painless and professional as possible.