Why You Should Consider Veneers in Cary, IL

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Dental

A smile is often the first thing people notice when meeting new people, but maintaining a good smile and healthy teeth can become more complicated over time. Even if you’re brushing and flossing regularly, you may wind up with stains or even enamel damage. If you’re looking to update your smile, here’s how veneers in Cary, IL, can benefit you.

Enamel Replacement

There are several reasons why you might have damaged or even lost enamel. Stomach acid, acids from foods like citrus, and even over-brushing can cause some serious wear and tear over time without your knowledge. Though you can’t get that precious enamel back, veneers can replace that lost enamel, acting as a new protective barrier over your teeth.

Improved Aesthetics

Uneven texture and crooked teeth can be fairly obvious to others, and this problem may get worse over time. Since veneers are placed uniformly over the teeth, they can subtly improve the overall look of your smile. They don’t work like braces, but they can lessen the overall look of various imperfections.

A Whiter Smile

If you’ve struggled with whitening treatments and toothpaste to no avail, veneers can be a quick solution to a brighter, whiter smile. Not to mention, all of your teeth with match despite current discoloration.

There are plenty of options for improving your smile, and the experts at Cary Dental Associates LLC are ready to help you find a personalized solution from their array of services. Check out their website for more information about veneers in Cary, IL.

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