3 Reasons to Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Over time, everyone’s pearly white teeth will start to discolor. For some, the discoloration will come on quickly and, for others, it will be slower. This is simply what happens as people get older, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are plenty of retail solutions for teeth whitening that are affordable, but consumers still need to exercise a little bit of caution. While those retail whitening kits are a tempting solution to a whiter smile, here are three reasons why it is highly recommended to use a professional for teeth whitening.

Everyone’s teeth are different and will react differently to teeth whitening. The retail kits do not take this into consideration when they are formulated so, even if the kit worked well for one person, it maynot necessarily work the same on the next person. Before completing the procedure, a dentist will have a consultation to see the condition of the teeth. From that consultation, the dentist will be able to give the patient a realistic idea of how well the whitening will work.

The second reason to have teeth professionally whitened is to ensure the procedure doesn’t damage the gum line or teeth. Most retail whitening kits consist of trays and whitening gel that people place on their teeth for a certain amount of time. Since they are mass produced, the trays that come with the kits do not fit properly and can cause the gel to spread unevenly over the teeth. The gel will often come into contact with the gum line, making them more sensitive and creating problems. Dentists can fit patients with better fitting trays if they use a gel solution, but often times they opt to use a laser treatment to avoid the messy gels.

And, finally, the third reason to have this done professionally is because patients will see results immediately. When using the retail whitening kits, it may take a few applications before any results are seen. Because it will take a few applications, people tend to use it too often and use too much. Using too much and too often can result in sensitive teeth and gum line.

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