A Look at Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedures Available in Peachtree City

There are many reasons for tooth extractions, and wisdom teeth are among the most removed teeth. Some of the reasons for taking these back molars out are because they are impacted, coming in at an irregular angle, or decaying. It can be difficult to clean these teeth properly because they sit so far back in the mouth. If you cannot keep the back teeth clean, it can lead to gum disease, which can affect all of the teeth.

The Process

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Peachtree City, GA, takes a little preparation. The procedure is not overly complicated. The first step is talking to the dentist about the anesthesia. There are typically three options. Some people might fair well with a local anesthetic shot coupled with nitrous oxide. The other two forms involve IV sedation and general anesthesia.


During tooth extractions, sometimes the gums need to be cut. If that is required, you will have stitches. These will help the area heal faster, and the material dissolves away. You do not have to return to the dental office to have them removed.


You may need to arrange for transportation after the surgery. Some people experience mild discomfort after wisdom teeth removal in Peachtree City, GA. the dentist may prescribe some prescription painkillers, or you might be able to get by with over-the-counter medication. If you develop intense pain or a fever, contact the dentist. Prepare your pantry by purchasing soft foods. You will need to stay hydrated, but you should not drink from a straw because the sucking can open the wound.