About Teeth Whitening for Life at a Dental Clinic in Katy TX

With an ever-increasing interest in the general population for teeth that stay remarkably white for a lifetime, a Dental Clinic Katy TX may offer a program known as whitening for life. This type of program is becoming more prevalent at clinics throughout the country, as it allows dental patients to get the ongoing cosmetic service they want in a convenient way and at an affordable price. With professional dental supervision, they don’t need to deal with the inconsistent results that sometimes characterize over-the-counter products. They also know that the whitening process will be entirely safe and won’t damage their tooth enamel. Practice such as that of Gregory J Schmitt DMD can be contacted for information on the whitening for life program.

It’s difficult to determine why teeth whitening has become so popular over the past several years. One thing is for certain: bright, white teeth make people look younger. Teeth tend to become somewhat discolored with age. That can be part of the normal aging process, in which enamel gradually wears down and exposes the yellowish material underneath. The enamel only has to erode by a tiny micro fraction for this to happen.

The erosion and remineralization process is a continuous occurrence with tooth enamel. Sugary and acidic substances are hard on enamel, but the protective effects of saliv, a as well as the use of fluoride toothpaste, help teeth remineralize. A nutritious diet is important, so the saliva contains sufficient amounts of calcium and phosphate, which are beneficial for the teeth.

Enamel discoloration also can gradually occur with regular consumption of beverages and foods that stain teeth. Substances such as dark fruits and fruit juice, red wine, black tea, and coffee all lead to a slow reduction in the bright, white color people want for their tooth enamel.

A Pediatric Dental Clinic Beaverton OR that offers a whitening for life program counteracts the enamel discoloration that develops over time. Typically, the patient receives the first whitening treatment at the clinic and is instructed on how to perform future treatments at home. Patients usually are required to commit to a recommended schedule of dental care that may include twice-yearly appointments for checkups and professional cleaning.