Answers To Questions Parents Often Ask About Pediatric Dentistry In Egg Harbor Township NJ

As a parent, it’s essential to have the best dental care possible for children of every age. Children who regularly visit a dentist who specializes in Pediatric Dentistry in Egg Harbor Township NJ will have healthy teeth and gums. Parents can read the information below to learn the answers to frequently asked questions about pediatric dentistry.

Q.) Is it necessary for children who still have their baby teeth to visit the dentist?

A.) Children who still have their baby teeth must also visit the dentist for regularly scheduled examinations. If the baby teeth aren’t coming in properly, this can cause problems with the eruption of the permanent teeth. Severely decayed baby teeth will often damage the permanent teeth, even if they’re still underneath the gums. A pediatric dentist teaches small children the importance of taking care of their teeth so they can continue good oral health habits into adulthood.

Q.) How frequently should a child see the dentist for a regular dental checkup?

A.) Regular dental checkups are important for children of all ages. Many dental professionals recommend that a child’s first visit to the dentist should occur soon after the child gets the first tooth or by the time the child reaches one year of age. During an oral examination, a dentist will be able to discover any dental problems and treat them before they get worse. Most dentists schedule regular checkups for their young patients every six months unless the child has an oral issue that requires more frequent visits.

Q.) What are some common dental treatments for children?

A.) A dentist who specializes in Pediatric Dentistry in Egg Harbor Township NJ may recommend fluoride treatments for children to help keep cavities from forming. Sealants can also be applied to the top surface of a child’s back molars to prevent tooth decay. When children get cavities in their teeth, a dentist places fillings in the decayed teeth to keep the cavities from getting bigger and to restore the function of each tooth. Amalgam fillings are silver and this type of filling is often used to fill cavities in the teeth of children.

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