Who Benefits from a Dental Practice Sale in California?

The short answer to who benefits from a dental practice sale in California is everybody, albeit for different reasons. The seller benefits because the sale leaves that dentist free to relocate, switch an area of practice, or retire. Working with an experienced brokerage agency, such as Western Practice Sales, means the practice will be sold to another dentist at a fair price. Dentists founded and operate the practice, so they know the full value of the equipment, the customer base, and the revenue projections. A seller will not suffer losses with an appropriate asking price.

The buyer benefits because the costs of purchasing an established practice are a fraction of what it costs to build a new practice. There will be loan payments for the building, another for the equipment, and high initial costs to advertise, interview, hire, and train support staff. Building a customer base will take time, so revenues may not be enough to support the overhead costs at first. Purchasing a dental practice for sale in California means one monthly payment, most of the support staff in place, and a built-in customer base. Some staff and patients will decide to leave the practice when the seller is no longer at that location, but the majority of both groups will remain with the practice.

The customer base of patients also benefits. If a dental office shuts down, they have to find another dentist who happens to be accepting new patients. That may increase travel time, cost more money than expected, and result in filling out paperwork. A dental history, a family medical history, insurance forms, and contact information have to be provided. Many moving or retiring dentists will transfer records, but that only works if a new dentist is found before the practice closes. It is also possible a new dentist will want updated x-rays, a complete oral examination, and a consultation prior to doing any work on teeth. Being able to stay at the same place with familiar support staff makes the transition to a new dentist faster and easier. That is especially beneficial to patients with high levels of anxiety.