Castle Hill Dentist: Twice-Annual Visits

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Dental Care

Most people know that they are supposed to visit their Castle Hill dentist twice a year. Most dentists recommend that you see them at six-month intervals, though you are always welcome to make an appointment if you experience pain or have other mouth-related issues. However, many people tend to put off such important visits because they believe that if they don’t have any problems, they don’t need help. While it is a common misconception, dentists primarily focus on prevention rather than curing issues. Therefore, when you wait for something to go wrong, the pain could be unbearable, and you may end up needing more expensive care.

Your Castle Hill dentist cleans your teeth with a slightly abrasive paste, but before they do so, they remove plaque and tartar. The sticky substance found on your teeth is called plaque, and it can harden if it isn’t removed. While brushing and flossing do help, they aren’t perfect, and some of that plaque is bound to harden. When that happens, the only way to remove it is to scrape it, and you need a professional with the right tools. Along with such, they also tap the teeth and check them for decay, as well as check the gums for gingivitis.

At Hills Dental Care, they realise that many people are worried or anxious about dental visits. While it is common and normal, it’s still essential that you put those anxieties and fears aside and visit them twice a year or as often as they recommend. They make it easier to get the care you need, as they offer sleep dentistry to help you relax during advanced or routine treatments. Therefore, as your Castle Hill dentist, they respect your wishes and help you feel calmer during treatment so that you are less afraid or anxious.

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