Seeing a Children’s Dentist in Salisbury NC for Fillings

Every tooth filling uses either metal materials or plastic materials. Deciding which one is best for a child should be discussed by the parent and a Children’s Dentist in Salisbury NC. This brief post explains the types of fillings and how to determine the right one for your child.

Which materials are used?

In addition to the filling type, the material used represents the second most important property. Unattractive, but very durable, the Children’s Dentist in Salisbury NC may suggest amalgam dental fillings. Very often, plastics are also used to fill holes and fractures in teeth.

Inlays or insert fillings are made of different materials. Patients can choose between gold, ceramic and plastic materials. Keeping all this in mind, know that there are plenty of choices, but the main issue comes when determining which variant is best for your child’s teeth.

Which filling is the right one?

There are two critical factors in choosing the right filling:

  • Type and extent of the tooth hole
  • Aesthetic preferences of the patient

A dentist advises their patient during a consult about the different variants involved and, depending on the condition of the individual’s teeth, other fillings are recommended.

The right filling for every issue

Small holes caused by cavities could result in significant damage. If the decay has not progressed too much, then the dentist may suggest a composite tooth filling (made of different plastics). For large tooth holes, the dentist often fills the tooth with specially made inlays made of ceramic or metal.

Most importantly, dentists give their patients the choice of what filling due to aesthetic aspects. The appearance of the individual materials will differ substantially. Plastics or ceramics are white and adapt much easier to the color of the patient’s teeth.

Composite fillings are similar to the individual’s natural tooth color and cannot be seen in everyday life. The same applies to ceramics. A metal infill – if not gold – can lead to unsightly smiles.

Metal fillings made of gold or amalgam stand out clearly from the natural teeth and are, therefore, preferred in the back of the mouth (so they are not easily seen). Visit us for more details.