When Does Your Child Need to See the Dental Pediatrician in Elizabeth NJ?

It is imperative children see the dentist on a regular basis so their oral health can be protected but many parents do not know when their child should begin seeing the dental Pediatrician in Elizabeth NJ. This information will help guide parents in understanding how to properly care for their child’s oral health.

Oral Care Practices Should Begin at Birth

Many parents are surprized they need to begin worrying about the health of their child’s teeth well before they have any. Ideally, parents need to start oral care practices at birth. After each feeding, the child’s gums should be gently wiped clean with a soft wet cloth.

This action helps with two issues. First of all, it helps the child grow accustomed to oral care practices, so it is not such a shock to introduce a toothbrush later. It also helps to prevent decay in the teeth as they are forming. The cleaning should be very gentle and does not require a long period of time.

What Should Parents Do Once a Child Begins to Cut Teeth?

Once a child begins to cut teeth, parents will need to take more time in the child’s oral care practices. Twice a day, the child’s teeth should be gently brushed, using a non-Flouride toothpaste and a soft baby toothbrush. Flossing is not necessary until the child’s teeth begin to grow closer together.

A child needs to begin seeing the dentist around the time they cut their first teeth or around their first birthday. The dental appointments at early ages are quite simple, yet offer valuable information for parents who are concerned about caring for their child’s oral health.

Children will not begin receiving Flouride treatments or X-rays until they are a little older. At first, the teeth are simply cleaned and then examined to ensure no oral health issues are present.

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