Cosmetic Dentistry in Midwest City, OK Restores a Patient’s Smile After an Injury

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Midwest City OK can improve a patient’s smile after some type of trauma has affected the look of one or more teeth. That trauma can happen when the mouth is injured by an outside object like a baseball or from falling face first from a bicycle. Dentists also increasingly see teeth issues caused by mouth piercings.

Injuries to Teeth

A person who is struck in the mouth may have a chipped tooth or nerve damage that causes dark discoloration. A root canal is required for the nerve problem, after which a crown can be placed over the tooth once the dentist removes some of the enamel. A chip also can be covered by a crown, or a porcelain veneer that only covers the front of the tooth may be chosen instead.

An occurrence that has become more common over the years is a tooth being chipped by jewelry in a tongue or lip piercing. This might be from the person’s own piercing or that of a romantic partner, with the tooth being chipped during a kiss.

Dentists probably wish that everyone would stick with piercings in other parts of the body and not have them in places that can cause damage to the teeth. Nevertheless, those who practice Cosmetic Dentistry in Midwest City OK are ready to help with a crown or veneer. If the tooth has become severely cracked or a large portion has broken off, extracting the tooth may be required. It can be replaced with a dental implant.

Color Stability

These restorations do not become discolored over time as normal tooth enamel tends to. Enamel gradually becomes stained by substances like coffee, black tea, and red wine. Professional dental cleanings lighten the teeth, and whitening processes using peroxide return them to even brighter condition. The restorations are not affected and do not need to be whitened.

Before having cosmetic work done at a clinic such as Sunnylane Family Dentistry, the patient must have a dental exam to make sure there are no problems like cavities or early-stage gum disease. If problems are present, they must be resolved before cosmetic treatment can begin. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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