Cosmetic Dentists in St Peter MN: Perfecting the Smile

Cosmetic Dentists in St Peter MN are capable of mending the most complicated of oral aesthetic flaws. It’s a natural process for teeth to lose some of its whiteness and enamel can grow a little worn over time. This natural process can be stalled by limiting consumption of sugary foods, using fluoride toothpaste and scheduling annual exams and cleanings with a dentist.

During a general oral checkup, the dentist will check for early tooth decay and developed cavities. Patients also get oral x-rays. These factors of oral care avoid oral disease progression and are the most effective way to detect early tooth decay.

Professional Teeth Whitening

There are quite a few cosmetic procedures an increasing number of patients request. Stains, for example, can be erased from the teeth with in-office teeth whitening, enhancing the smile.

Teeth whitening is a procedure designed for stained natural teeth. One thing for patients to be certain is to have fillings checked before the procedure. If any fillings need to be replaced, it should be done after whitening so they can match the new color of the teeth.

Patients should expect a quick and comfortable experience during an in-office teeth whitening procedure. A bleaching agent removes stains upon reaction with a laser light. The laser speeds up the whitening process, but a patient can opt out of laser whitening assistance. The entire process takes 40 minutes to an hour with results that can last for years.

Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic Dentists in St Peter MN can reshape misaligned teeth, gaps, and cover up unsightly stains with porcelain veneers. It is a tooth overlay that changes the look of the anterior portion of the teeth. An impression is made of the contours of the patient’s teeth so a customized veneer can be constructed in a laboratory.

For some patients, veneers can be an alternative for crowns or braces. They are durable and can last years before any touch-up work is needed. They are care for the same way natural teeth are. Good candidates for veneers are those who would like to have uniformly shaped teeth, whiter teeth, or wish to cover up gaps or a gummy smile. Request an appointment to learn more.