Dental Implants in Effingham, IL, are Often the Best Option for Patients Missing Teeth

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Dentistry

It is very easy to damage a tooth so badly that it needs to be removed or replaced. Bad habits like smoking, eating a sugary diet, and neglecting proper oral health can quickly lead to tooth decay, gum disease or broken teeth that require help from a distance. Luckily, Dental Implants Effingham IL are available for anyone who has lost a tooth for any reason and wants to have it replaced artificially.

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are realistic looking false teeth that some people opt to receive following the loss of a real tooth or multiple teeth. The implant is anchored into a base that an oral or cosmetic dental surgeon will carefully embed into a patient’s gum line. This makes the implant permanent and more secure in the mouth than any other tooth replacement means.

Why Opt for Implants Over Other Methods of Tooth Replacement?

Implants are the best option for most patients for multiple reasons. They are the most natural looking of all of the tooth replacement options, which in itself causes many patients to prefer this method. Also, as previously mentioned, implants from The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. are not at risk of wiggling or falling out like dentures may do. Implants are also functional on their own, so they do not require the use of surrounding teeth like a dental bridge does.

Why Avoid Implants?

There are very few reasons why a patient wouldn’t want to get Dental Implants Effingham IL to replace missing teeth. The main issue is normally cost related. Implants are more expensive than other methods, so some patients prefer to choose a less costly way to replace their missing teeth. Many dentists offer payment plans or other options to help patients with implant related costs, however.

When patients experience tooth loss due to decay, accidents or other issues, appropriate tooth replacement is important. Missing teeth in the mouth can lead to other teeth shifting or moving and affecting the alignment of the mouth. Implants provide the most authentic and attractive solution for missing teeth and help thousands of people restore their smiles each year.

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