Dental Implants in Hill District : Advantages

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Dental Care

While nothing beats your natural teeth, complications can arise. Whether you had it knocked out during an accident or found that you couldn’t save the tooth and didn’t want a root canal, losing a tooth can be a scary proposition.

Most people do what they can to save the tooth, but if that fails, dental implants in Hill District are the next best thing. They’re designed to function and feel like natural teeth, which means no one is the wiser. You’re the only one who has to know that your tooth is fake, though you may have trouble determining which one it is over time.

Dental implants in Hill District have a high success rate, which means if you choose this procedure, you’re likely to have a full row of teeth within a few months. However, you should note that it can take months for the gums to heal after surgical placement of the implant. You may also require multiple follow-up visits to ensure the gums are healing and the implant is melding with your gums. Even people with less bone can still enjoy the benefits of implantation; you may require bone regeneration or harvesting to ensure that you have enough bone mass for the implant.

At Hills Dental Care, they focus on helping you have a healthy smile. That can mean different things for people, but if you’ve lost a tooth, dental implants in Hill District are an excellent option. Other tooth-replacement treatments include dentures and bridges, or you can use a combination of all three. When you visit them for a consultation, they can discuss the various options available, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. You’re in full control of your treatment plan; you can choose which option fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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