Dentures Aren’t a Preserve for the Old. Here’s Why You May Need Them

Most people think that dentures are for the elderly. This is because they have grown seeing dentures with the older people in their lives. But this is old news. Dentures are no longer reserved for the elderly. While a considerable number of people with dentures are the older generation, you will be surprised to know that nowadays, dentures are worn by people from all walks of life. Here’s why you may be forced to wear dentures even at a young age.

If you Suffer Sports Injuries

About 15 million Americans suffer sports injuries every year. Many of these injuries result in dental injury and teeth loss. If you have lost your teeth due to sports injuries, dentures Chicago can help to restore your smile and confidence.

Losing Teeth Due to Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions such as osteoporosis may lead to loss of bone, especially in older women. The deteriorating jaw bone may result in tooth loss, and dentures Chicago can help these individuals to sustain their quality of life.

Genetic Disorders

For children born with a genetic disorder called Anodontia, their permanent teeth may fail to develop. Anodontia affects a child’s ability to speak or even eat. dentures Chicago can help to restore their ability to speak and chew. Dentures can also help to support and restore their facial muscles.

Using Dentures for Cosmetic Reasons

Dentures can be used to enhance an individual’s appearance by lifting sunken parts of the face and also lengthening the face.

As you have seen, dentures are not only for the old. Even young people can benefit from dentures. Talk to our experts at Chicago Dental Solutions to learn how dentures can improve your dental health. Visit website to learn more about our services.