Saving a Knocked-Out Tooth with Family Dental Services in Neptune, NJ and Elsewhere

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Dental

Oh, no! Your child’s tooth has been knocked out. If you still have the tooth and quick access to family dental services Neptune, NJ or elsewhere, you may be able to save your child’s tooth. Here are tips to help you and your dentist and your child’s tooth.

Knocked-out teeth are painful. An ice bag not only reduces pain put reduces swelling that contributes to pain. Never place ice directly on the skin or that will cause a cold burn. Ice pops help in a pinch. Regular over the counter painkillers also help with pain and swelling.

Clean the Tooth

Try to handle the tooth only by the top, or the part that bites food. Leave the roots alone. Do not try to remove any flesh on the tooth. Rinse gently in warm water.

Place Back in Child’s Mouth

If the tooth is in one piece, try to fit it inside the hole in your kid’s mouth. Have the child bite down on gauze or a clean washcloth to keep the tooth in place. Do not try to place a baby tooth back in the mouth.

Go to the Dentist

If the tooth will not go back in, place it in a wet paper towel and place that in a resealable plastic bag. Take the tooth and your kid to the dentist as soon as possible, ideally within the hour.

Still Have Questions?

The best thing you can do for your child’s knocked-out tooth is to have a dentist already picked out for just such an emergency. If you still have questions about finding good family dental services Neptune, NJ contact Glamorous Smile Dental Spa.

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