Dentures vs Implants in Summit NJ

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Dentistry

Maintaining a beautiful smile is the goal of most people. However, issues can occur that can cause serious damage to the teeth. Many people face tooth loss throughout their lifetime. For those that experience this problem, they will need to make a decision to replace those lost teeth with dentures or Implants in Summit NJ.


Dentures are a device used for tooth replacement. This prosthetic s are removable and often consist of a plate or frame that holds one or more teeth. They are often used to replace the entire lower or upper teeth sets. They are usually affixed to the gum with a denture glue and removed nightly for cleaning.

Pros of dentures

Dentures are relatively inexpensive. They can be custom fitted to comfortably fit in the user’s mouth. There is no surgery involved in have dentures. They can be crafted to look like real teeth. They can be used by nearly anyone with tooth loss.

Cons of dentures

Dentures can take some time getting used to and be painful for the first several weeks. They can make it difficult to talk and eat. They can promote decay and cause damage to any remaining teeth. Overtime, as the jaw bone deteriorates, they can become loose and no longer fit. When this occurs, they will need to be replaced.


Implants are an alternative option for tooth replacement. They can replace one or many teeth in a row. A device is surgically implanted into the jaw bone. After healing, prosthetic teeth can be attached to this device. Implants are a permanent replacement for lost teeth.

Pros of implants

Implants in Summit NJ can be an option for one or many teeth. They are natural looking and can be more comfortable than dentures. They can last for decades. They can also minimize the loss of bone in the jaw due to no teeth. They also do not damage healthy teeth and gums.

Cons of implants

They can be significantly more expensive than dentures. They do require surgery. They are only available for those with healthy gums and jaw bone that can support the implants. Dental facilities, such as Westfield Oral Surgery, can help answer any questions regarding the best option.

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