Dos and Don’ts for a Child Going to a Pediatric Dentist in Smyrna, TN

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Dentistry

Any child must feel confident when seeing a Pediatric Dentist in Smyrna TN. They must understand that the pediatric dentist is a health professional who can help them avoid problems that may affect their oral health. The professional will make sure that the child does not have to feel pain because of the issues they may be having.

Seeing a child dentist

To put a child at ease, it is essential to make him or her understand the Pediatric Dentist in Smyrna TN is a trustworthy person who will do them no harm. People must avoid scaring the child by threatening to take them to the dentist. Depending on the child’s character, parents can choose or not choose to go into detail about the visit.

Every child has a curious nature, meaning parents can arouse the child’s curiosity by asking them if they know what a visit to the dentist entails. For this purpose, adults can role play with the child and simulate a consultation by asking the child to open his or her mouth and then pretending to inspect it as a dentist would. In fact, it may be smart to reverse the roles after.

Even if children are curious, it is best not to go into detail about any bad experiences you may have had or even heard of before an appointment. Also, you can tell the child how the staff is dressed and why they are dressed that way. This helps the child to ease up when seeing people in white coats, thus preventing “white coat syndrome.”

Prompting a visit to the dentist

It may also be smart to flatter the child’s ego by telling him or her they are growing up and that, like you, it is necessary to care for their teeth. All this, of course, must be done step by step. Parents have to go about all this carefully and over time, not just the night before. Indeed, it is essential to go over what will happen at the appointment weeks in advance, giving the child some time to get used to the idea of seeing a professional at Ascent Dental. Like us on Facebook.

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