Facts Concerning Root Canals in Midwest City OK

The structure of the tooth consists of two parts: the “crown” (or visible part of the tooth) and the “root” that holds the tooth in place. The structural components of a tooth are the teeth enamel (or hard outer coating), dentin under said enamel, dental pulp, and cementum. Dental pulp is the soft tissue located at the center of the tooth and contains nerves and blood vessels. When there is tooth decay or a tooth is broken due to trauma, the bacteria in the mouth has the green light to attack the dental pulp and destroy its soft tissue. Then infections spread further down the root canal and the tissues surrounding the tooth turn red and inflamed. This damaged tooth is then treated with Root Canals in Midwest City OK. This is a dental procedure used to treat bacterial infections in the dental pulp. During the procedure, the infected nerves, blood vessels and dead tissues of the dental pulp are removed and the root canals are cleaned and sealed with fillings to avoid further infection.

Root Canals in Midwest City OK eliminate infection and provides the indispensable elimination of excruciating pain. Many people are impatient and have apprehensions that they may experience pain during treatment. This is not true. In addition, it is an absolutely safe procedure. A less costly alternative for the treatment of the root canal is the extraction of the tooth. In fact, a few decades ago, most people had to opt for tooth extraction only to get relief from a toothache. Its biggest disadvantage is that the vacuum created by the missing tooth causes a lot of discomfort when chewing and biting.

If this issue is not repaired, it leads to the movement of neighboring teeth. This results in crooked teeth and it is a great challenge to keep crooked teeth clean. Because of this, these unaffected teeth can be destroyed by bacteria as well. Even replacing the gap with a false tooth is quite uncomfortable as it does not often fit into the space properly. A root canal treatment saves the natural tooth so you do not have to deal with these problems. Contact Sunnylane Family Dentistry for more details.

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