Four Types of Dental Care in Waikiki and How They Help

A number of dental issues can arise throughout one’s life. From a chipped tooth to cavities, stained teeth, and weakening gums, a variety of dental problems make their way into people’s mouths. Dental Care in Waikiki helps eliminate those problems and get the mouth back to feeling normal. There are at least four types of dental care that can help.

Teeth Whitening

Those facing problems with stained or yellowing teeth can have their teeth whitened. This is a simple procedure that works to get the teeth as white and bright as possible. It eliminates stains and discoloration and returns the teeth to a typical white color. It may take a few tries before the teeth are as white as desired.

Root Planing

Some patients may notice a difference in their gum line, with the teeth becoming more exposed. This is often caused by excess bacteria built up in the area. Periodontal disease is often the term for this, which is essentially a gum infection. To reverse this effect, root planing is often necessary. This procedure removes the bacteria from under the gumline and eliminates any built-up tartar that is present.


Missing teeth may be another issue patients face. This often occurs after the tooth has become badly infected. An implant may be necessary to replace the missing tooth and return the mouth to normal. This implant is placed directly into the space where the original tooth was located and offers a permanent solution.

Dental Emergencies

The fourth type of care is for emergencies. Whether someone is experiencing pain, has chipped a tooth, or otherwise needs medical attention for their mouth, they can visit a dentist that accepts any patients in emergency situations. The dentist will assess the damage and determine the best course of action.

Dental Care in Waikiki should be a regular occurrence in everyone’s lives. It ensures the teeth and gums remain healthy for as long as possible and reduces the chances of teeth loss and dentures down the line. Whether someone simply needs their teeth whitened or they have a serious dental emergency, a dentist in Waikiki is available to help. To know more visit Ala Moana Dental Group. You can also connect with thwm on Facebook.