Get The Oral Care Needed With Family Dentistry In Baltimore City

Oral care can improve the overall health of every individual. Oral care should begin as early as one year of age when a child’s teeth first begin to appear. Early detection of problems with alignment or decay of teeth can prevent expensive dentistry work in the future. Children as young as teenagers can develop gum disease that is treatable if detected early. When an individual develops gum disease, it can destroy the bone in the jaw and cause a tooth to be lost. Proper cleaning once or twice a year can reduce the possibility of decay and gum disease. In addition, proper alignment of the teeth is important to support the structure of an individual’s face and the proper chewing of food. Family Dentistry in Baltimore City can deal with these issues and much more.

A beautiful smile is more than just looking great each time individual smiles; it can also offer confidence and self-esteem. Teeth that are missing can cause the shifting of the other teeth and permit food to lodge between teeth and cause decay. Implants through a dental practice of Family Dentistry in Baltimore City offers implants that can look identical to the natural teeth. These implants are permanent and are often sturdier than natural teeth. A titanium post can be implanted into the jawbone with a temporary crown attached until the healing of the gums and jawbone is complete. After the gums and jawbone have healed, a permanent tooth will be placed on the post. Implants are so natural in appearance that no one will no it’s not a natural tooth.

Chipped teeth or discolored teeth can be corrected through luminous and veneers. These tiny pieces of porcelain can redefine the shape of a tooth and look completely natural. Professional whitening of the teeth can also be performed by a dentist to offer a gleaming white smile. This type of procedure takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete, unlike home kits that can require weeks of treatments. In addition, professional whitening is customized to the teeth, and the gums are protected from irritation the whitening solution may cause.

A family dentist provides more today than teeth cleaning and restoration. They can perform oral surgery of wisdom teeth and correct any dental concerns a patient may have. For more information on dental care, please feel free to look at more info.