What Happens When a Patient Wants to Undergo Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis, IN?

Many people are not crazy about the way their teeth look. While they are straight, the dull appearance leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately, there are several options for teeth whitening in Indianapolis IN to consider. Since not everyone is comfortable with using whitening products on their own, it makes sense to talk with a dental professional and decide what needs to happen next. Here is what the professional is likely to recommend

A Complete Examination First

Before any efforts at Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis IN get underway, the dentist will conduct a complete examination. The goal is to determine the degree of staining present and which whitening methods would produce the best results. During the exam, the dentist is also on the lookout for any type of dental issue that needs to be resolved before making any attempts at whitening. This includes having a thorough cleaning to remove residue and provide a better idea of what the teeth really look like.

Applying the Gel

Once any essentials are resolved, the next move is to begin the first round of whitening. This usually begins by applying a gel designed to help lift stains from the surface of the teeth and help to get rid of stains that are below the surface. The dentist will make sure the gel is applied evenly on all the teeth and there are no spots left untouched.

Using Light

With the gel in place, the dental professional will use a controlled laser light to initiate the whitening. The use of this type of light boosts the effects of the gel and makes it possible to improve the hue of the teeth in a shorter amount of time. It’s not unusual for patients to notice a change in as little as a 45-minute treatment.

Assessing the Teeth After Each Treatment

Once the first treatment is complete, the dentist will examine the teeth and determine if there is the need for any additional rounds. Some people may need no more than two or three sessions. Others with deep staining may require more treatments. By evaluating the results after each treatment, it’s possible to avoid making the teeth look so white they no longer look natural.

Contact Business Name. today and learn more about whitening treatments and what they can accomplish. There’s a good chance one or two sessions would make a huge difference.