How Sedation Is Improving Pediatric Dentistry in Vancouver WA

Parents from all over know the struggle of getting their child to the dentist’s office. Many kids are afraid of the unknown, and they will put up a fight when it comes time for a dental exam. Thankfully, however, sedation has improved Pediatric Dentistry in Vancouver WA, making it easier to get kids in the dental chair.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of certain medications to help relax a patient during an exam. In many cases, the patient becomes so relaxed that they fall asleep. Others have little to no memory of the appointment.

The most common forms of sedation prescribed are laughing gas and oral medications. They are used on patients of all ages, including children. Sedation is popular for long, involved procedures, and it’s also commonly used for simple dental cleanings.

Is Sedation Safe?

Many patients worry about the safety of sedation dentistry. However, it’s been shown that sedation is not only safe; it’s also highly effective. The medications prescribed have extensive safety profiles, and they’ve been used for various medical purposes for many years.

Laughing gas, for example, has been used in Pediatric Dentistry in Vancouver WA for decades. It’s administered by the dentist, who is able to adjust the gas levels for each patient. The effects wear off quickly, and there is little worry about addiction or other adverse problems.

What to Expect

If a child is expressing fear about going to the dentist, it’s important to communicate this with the dental staff. Ask if they offer sedation for pediatric patients. Younger patients are usually offered to laugh gas first.

Parents are often asked to bring their child earlier to the appointment. This is to allow enough time to prepare for sedation. The child is monitored at all times, ensuring everything goes smoothly. Kids often giggle or sleep during the exam.

Dental care is very important for young children. Those who are fearful may opt for sedation before their procedure. This form of dentistry has helped many kids overcome their fear of the dentist. Contact our Vancouver dental office to find out more about how sedation is used in the clinic.