How to Handle Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening in Bayville, NJ

Beautiful, white teeth can enhance a person’s appearance and offer a boost in confidence. But sometimes, the cost of Teeth Whitening in Bayville NJ is tooth sensitivity. This is common for all types of teeth whitening but is more common when peroxide is used. Individuals who don’t want to give up whitening have a few different options for dealing with the sensitivity.

Sensitivity Products

There are several products on the market made to combat sensitivity from things like teeth whitening in Bayville NJ. Gels can be placed on the teeth with cotton swabs. Make sure to read all directions to see how long the gel should stay on. Be sure to rinse after using the gel. Sensitivity toothpaste is just a replacement for a person’s current toothpaste. It can be used before whitening and after to try and decrease the pain. If over the counter products aren’t working, a dentist may be able to prescribe something stronger.

Change the Product or Concentration

Sometimes the type of whitening product being used can be the culprit. At home, treatments are easy but don’t work well for everyone. Consider changing products to see if sensitivity decreases or look to reduce the concentration. For those with severe sensitivity, it is best to consult a dentist before moving ahead. Click here for more information.

Duration of and Between Treatments

Sometimes sensitivity is the result of leaving the whitening product on for too long. Think about reducing the amount of time that the whitening agent is on the teeth. It is also possible to stretch out whitening treatments to try and reduce the severity of the sensitivity that a person experiences. Both options still allow a person to enjoy white teeth.

Avoid Hot and Cold for a Few Days

Most people experience a majority of the sensitivity either during the treatment or the following couple of days. One of the easiest ways to deal with the situation is to avoid foods and beverages that are cold or hot. For some, giving up these items for a couple of days is well worth the results of teeth whitening. For others, this is not an option.