How to Heal After Root Canal Treatment in Fargo ND

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Dental

Root canals can be painful, but the problems they solve are even more serious. Patients can take certain steps to lessen pain and speed healing. Below are five tips for reducing pain after Root Canal Treatment in Fargo ND, along with some symptoms of the need for a root canal.

Take Medication as Directed

Most teeth requiring root canal treatment are painful, and it’s normal for a patient to experience a certain amount of tenderness after endodontic therapy. If an infection was present and the dentist prescribed antibiotics, the patient should allow up to 48 hours for improvement to begin as the antibiotics work their way through the bloodstream and start fighting the infection.

Use Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

Anti-inflammatory pain relievers can sooth irritated periodontal fibers as the affected area heals. When a root canal is necessary, the fibers are stretched and inflamed, and they require time to heal. Ibuprofen and other medicines can provide relief during healing, and gentle cleaning is recommended to prevent re-infection.

Allow Settling Time

If root canal treatment has been started or recently completed, patients should allow time for it to settle. Tenderness may persist for some time, and every case is unique. In some instances, infected teeth are pushed out of place by a growing infection at the tip of the root. Tooth grinding can contribute to post-root canal pain, but night guards can keep the mouth more comfortable during the healing phase after a root canal.

Avoid Tough, Hard or Crunchy Foods

Eating soft foods and using the opposite side for chewing can help to reduce pain after a root canal. However, if sensitivity doesn’t diminish after a few days, the dentist may need to perform an additional procedure to adjust the position of the treated tooth.

Many people assume that a root canal is a painful procedure, but that’s not always the case. In many instances, the treatment is far less painful than the original condition. By learning how to spot the signs of infection and by seeking prompt Root Canal Treatment in Fargo ND, patients of can lessen the severity of pain and shorten their recovery time.

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