Practitioners At A Dental Office In Elk Grove Village Advice Parents About Children’s Snacking

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Dentistry

Nearly everybody loves to snack on sweets and salty foods that may not be good for their teeth. Even healthy substances can cause problems. For instance, when someone grazes on fruit or sips on fruit juice throughout the day, the fructose and the acid in the fruit can erode tooth enamel. Parents need to address this topic with their children early on to prevent cavities. A dental office in Elk Grove Village can provide recommendations on how to manage to snack in youngsters. The practitioners also may recommend the application of clear sealants that block sugary and acidic substances from settling into grooves on teeth.

Water is the best beverage for consumption between meals. Drinking plenty of milk at meals is important for the nutrition that benefits dental health. Children may be allowed to drink milk and fruit juice as snacks, but they should rinse the mouth with water afterward. Even milk contains a type of sugar that can be problematic when not rinsed.

Kids naturally want to have snacks at some point during the day. They might ask for cookies, potato chips, salted crackers, ice pop, or ice cream. Limiting snacking to once per day can help prevent tooth decay. A dental office in Elk Grove Village can help parents figure out effective strategies.

The child might have a snack immediately after school, for instance, or in mid-afternoon if he or she isn’t yet in school. Parents can show the little one how to rinse the mouth afterward and encourage the child to do it every time. A small snack a couple of hours before dinnertime shouldn’t lessen the child’s appetite, and eating a full meal of healthy foods later will help remove any plaque that has started to develop from the earlier snack. A few hours later, the child can brush before bed and have sparkling clean teeth once more.

A pediatric dentist such as Brian Homann, DDS monitors the health of children’s teeth and alerts parents at the first signs of problems. If a cavity develops, that may be the signal to have sealants or fluoride treatments applied. When you visit Brian Homann for your dental needs, you will be seeing someone who takes the care and time needed to get the job done right the first time. See a dentist that takes pride in his or her work and puts quality above all else. For more inquires, visit their website or contact them today.

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