Reasons a Family Dentist in Redding Requires a Patient Medical History Form

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Dentistry

Someone going to a Family Dentist in Redding for the first time may wonder why the clinic requires filling out a medical history form. Is that really necessary? Why does the dentist want to know about current or previous health concerns, and the types of medications a patient takes? There are important reasons to be honest on the medical history form at a dental clinic.

Certain chronic health disorders can have a negative impact on oral health. A patient with diabetes, for instance, is at increased risk of gum disease. If a Family Dentist in Redding sees signs of early gum disease in a person who is relatively young and shouldn’t have this problem, knowing the diagnosis of diabetes provides insight. The dentist can provide recommendations for boosting gum health through oral hygiene practices.

The form may ask about family medical history. One reason is that gum disease has been associated with the development of heart disease. That can be crucial information for someone whose family has a history of cardiovascular disease.

People who take anticoagulant medication for conditions such as irregular heartbeat should list this on their medical history form. The dentist and hygienist need to know that this patient is at risk of excessive bleeding, even during a routine professional teeth cleaning. This information is essential if the patient needs to have a tooth extracted. The practitioners can take steps to prevent abnormal bleeding in this type of individual. Dentists also need to know about medications the person takes in case the dentist needs to prescribe antibiotics or if the patient has asked for sedation dentistry. Some drugs can have negative interactions with those medications.

These are a few of the reasons a clinic such as Moore & Pascarella requires patients to fill out a medical history form, and why patients should be thorough and honest when completing the form. Everyone must understand that the teeth and gums are intrinsically connected with the rest of the body, even though it may not seem that way. The level of oral health can affect the systemic health of the body, and vice versa. Visit the site for details on this clinic and the various types of dental care provided there.

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