Reasons for Filling an Empty Socket with a Dental Implant in St Peter MN

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Dentistry

It’s not uncommon to lose an adult tooth. There are several reasons why someone may lose a tooth, including trauma, severe decay, and even gum disease. Regardless of the reason for losing the tooth, filling the empty sock with a Dental Implant in St Peter MN is very important.

While most people want to replace a front tooth right away, a hidden back tooth is often ignored. Dentists always urge patients to consider replacing the missing tooth as soon as possible. Failure to do so may lead to some complications.

Shifting Teeth

Whenever a tooth is missing, the other teeth will want to fill in the gap. Overtime, teeth surrounding the empty socket may start to move into this new space. Patients who have undergone orthodontics may find this especially troublesome, as it will change the appearance of their smile.

Teeth above the missing tooth may also try to grow downward. Every tooth in a person’s mouth is anchored in place by the surrounding teeth. When these teeth can no longer make contact, severe shifting may occur.

Speech Problems

The way a person’s tongue hits the back of their teeth is responsible for accurate pronunciation. If a prominent tooth is missing, the person may struggle to say words that were once simple to pronounce. A Dental Implant in St Peter MN may prevent speech impediments from forming.

Bite Issues

The manner in which a person’s teeth are aligned is directly related to their bite. When teeth go missing, the patient’s bite will begin to shift. While this may seem like a small problem, with time, it may lead to more painful situations.

TMJ syndrome occurs whenever a person’s jaw doesn’t line up properly. Missing teeth can often trigger TMJ symptoms in otherwise healthy patients. This disorder causes the muscles surrounding the jaw to go into spasm, and severe pain is often reported.

If a person ever loses a permanent tooth, it is wise to fill the space with an implant as soon as possible. Putting off treatment may result in shifting teeth, difficulty speaking, or a misaligned bite. Visit our website to find out how dental implants can repair a broken smile.

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