Reasons to Choose Dentures in Kona Over Dental Implants

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Dental

Teeth are pulled or lost for a variety of reasons. Some teeth are extracted due to deep decay or a serious infection. In other cases, a patient may lose a tooth after a facial injury. No matter the reason, lost teeth can be replaced. The two most common options for tooth replacement are implants and dentures. While many people choose implants, there are many instances when Dentures in Kona are the better option.

Bone Erosion

Immediately after a tooth is pulled, the body begins to heal the extraction site. During this healing process, the jaw bone actually begins to erode. This is why people who are missing teeth have a sunken appearance around their mouth. If a person waits too long after losing their teeth, there will not be enough bone remaining to support an implant post.

In circumstances like this, Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. recommends a full or partial set of dentures instead of implants.

Medical Conditions

Dental implants work best on patients with a clear bill of health. Many people, however, have certain health conditions that may prohibit them from being an ideal candidate for implants. Those who have autoimmune disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, or who are taking specific medications may be more likely to reject implant posts. These patients should be fitted for Dentures in Kona instead of implants.

Gum Disease

In order for dental implants to heal properly and last for years, the patient needs to have healthy gum tissue. If a patient suffers from severe gum disease, they may not be an ideal candidate for implants. Since dentures rest on the gum line, the health of the patient’s gum tissue is not as important. Dentures are the best choice for those who have gum disease that is caused by genetics, as this form of the disease is more difficult to treat.

Dentures are a great choice for tooth replacement in many instances, especially when dental implants are not an option. Even those with significant bone erosion, certain medical conditions, or gum disease can successfully wear dentures. Visit here to know more about dental implants services in Kona.

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