Reasons to Opt for Dental Implants in Kalamazoo, MI

There are a wide range of reasons you may lose multiple teeth. For example, you may have been enjoying a lovely game of football only to accidentally take a shoe to the mouth. Your teeth may also fall out simply due to age, and those at retirement age have often seen multiple teeth fall out over time. In addition, you may lose teeth due to gum disease and tooth decay. Whatever the reason, multiple missing teeth may not call for dentures just yet. Instead, your dentist may decide to use dental implants to get your mouth back in shape.


Unlike dentures, dental implants in Kalamazoo, MI are permanent. A base is implanted into your jaw bone, and a crown that has been fitted to your mouth is placed on top and made to look just like your real teeth. With this innovation offered by dentists such as Company Name, you never need to worry about taking the false teeth out and having them cleaned or maintained. They are every bit as secure in your mouth as your remaining real teeth.


Dental implants replicate the same luster and color of your real teeth, making them impossible to identify after implantation. Once these are placed in the mouth, your teeth will look and feel just as strong as they ever were and you will never need to tell a soul that you had missing teeth replaced. By choosing to use this option, you completely do away with the prospect of eventual dentures and help retain your ability to speak and chew effectively.

This option is especially helpful if you lose only one or two teeth as it is not cost-effective to create partial dentures for so few missing teeth. In addition, your health insurance will likely cover all or most of the cost if you lost your teeth due to an accident or illness. Simply call your provider to learn more about the procedures your policy covers.