See the Dentist in Providence RI to Protect Your Gum Health

The health of a person’s smile is directly related to how healthy their gum tissue is. If a person’s gums are not supplying their teeth with the proper nutrients, they can begin to suffer from cavities and infections which can lead to a loss. It is imperative people see the Dentist in Providence RI as soon as they begin experiencing any signs of gum problems. With prompt care, a person’s oral health can be protected, so they do not experience any permanent damage.

One of the first signs people will notice when their gums are having problems is bleeding. Unfortunately, when people experience bleeding during brushing, they often first assume they have brushed too hard and caused injury. Bleeding, redness, and irritation in the gums are the hallmark beginning signs of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the precursor to periodontal disease, so it is important the condition is treated as soon as possible before it worsens.

The Dentist in Providence RI will treat gingivitis with a deep cleaning treatment that removes the plaque that has been pushed into the gum tissue. Dentists will also give patients medicated mouth rinses they can use at home to keep their gums healthy. Should a person not heed their dentist’s advice for care, the condition will continue to progress and cause massive damage to the gums and teeth.

If progression occurs, periodontal disease will set in which leads to massive damage. As pockets develop around the teeth, they fill with infection. Although the body does all it can to fight the infection, it ends up inadvertently attacking the supportive structures of the teeth which causes the roots to become exposed and causes them to loosen. Treatment involves strong antibiotic treatments and sometimes laser surgery.

People who are concerned about the health of their gum tissue should see the dentist as soon as possible. For more information on the different forms of gum disease, click here. With proper dental care, a person’s smile health can be protected so their teeth and gums can remain free of disease. Call your dentist today and schedule an appointment right away so you can find out if you have a gum problem.