Services Offered By a Comprehensive Family Dental Practice in West Fargo, ND

Not all dentists are the same. All licensed dentists complete several years of basic training, but beyond that, there are also specialties that require additional education and training. Those looking for an all-purpose dentist who is capable of treating any and all issues that come up over the course of their lives need to look for a Family Dental Practice in West Fargo ND.

Preventative Dentistry

Family dentists offer a variety of preventative services to help keep patient’s teeth healthy and avoid the development of serious problems. Preventative dental procedures include the application of sealants and fluoride varnishes, oral cancer screenings, and taking digital X-rays to ensure that teeth are growing in correctly and remain healthy throughout the patient’s life.

General and Restorative Dentistry

The field of general dentistry encompasses many basic procedures such as professional cleanings, treating gum disease, and the application of tooth-colored resin fillings. Restorative dentistry refers to procedures such as fitting patients for bridges and dentures, installing implants, and performing root canals. These procedures are designed to restore patients’ ability to chew and speak clearly when they are missing teeth or have damaged teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

Like any pediatrician, a pediatric dentist focuses on the unique needs of children. They focus on preventative care and establishing positive oral hygiene habits at home. Family dentists that offer pediatric services are in a unique position to be able to care for a patient’s teeth throughout his or her entire life.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Although some dentists focus exclusively on cosmetic dentistry, many family dentists also offer basic cosmetic services. These typically include professional whitening, microabrasion, resin bonding, and the application of veneers and lumineers.

Laser Dentistry

Dentists that are trained in laser dentistry can offer their patients access to modern techniques that encourage shorter healing times and less need for conventional surgery. Lasers are also used in contemporary dental offices for tissue shaping during cosmetic dentistry procedures, removing fibromas and canker sores, and completing frenectomies.

Find the Right Practice Today

Most dentists recommend heading in for a routine check-up and cleaning at least every six months. Anyone who doesn’t currently have a dentist should find the right Family Dental Practice in West Fargo ND to meet their needs as soon as possible. Visit the Website for additional information, or call to schedule an appointment today.